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Who is INICIO?

INICIO is an agency that specialises in lead generation, customer acquisition and retention programs. 

What is the significance of the brand name INICIO?

“INICIO” originates from the word Inspire in Latin. Likewise it also signifies ‘new beginnings’. The name was chosen based upon my ambition to inspire others and offer them a new beginning in their career to help them achieve big goals like I did.

How does INICIO operate? 

We show ambition, determination and energy. We focus on the job and then progressively review our performance, always looking to improve. We work as a team, and we collaborate. Not just in-house but with our clients too.

Why is INICIO so successful? 

Our business is built on impeccable training, solid standards and well-designed processes. We care as much about our client’s brands as they do. We conduct our market research and create unique campaigns tailored to each client. Unlike many lead generation specialists, we don’t limit ourselves to one marketing channel to reach our goals – we do it all!  

Why is INICIO hiring?

Here at INICIO, we pride ourselves on our values. Such values have enabled us to work alongside some of the biggest brand names across multiple sectors, such as; charity, finance, telecoms, media, energy and retail. As a result, we have gained new clients and need to expand our workforce to help achieve their lead-generation goals.

What is INICIO looking for in candidates?

INICIO is an equal opportunities employer. Our mission is to build a business where all our people are recruited, developed, recognised and rewarded fairly. INICIO is a workplace where everyone can achieve their potential; we have an open-door policy and encourage everyone to have their say.

What next?

Contact our recruitment team directly ( with your CV or LinkedIn profile! We aim to respond to all enquiries within 3-5 working days.